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Actuele Prestige overzicht

Arcane Study I (1 or 2 PP): With the help of a wizard or magical ritual, you gain the ability to prepare and cast a few weak arcane spells. If you spend 1 PP, you can prepare 4 wizard cantrips or one 1st-level wizard spell. If you spend 2 PP, you can prepare 4 wizard cantrips and one 1st-level wizard spell. You cast these spells as a wizard, and must have the minimum Intelligence to prepare these spells. You can’t select this award if you’re a wizard. After 24 hours, you take 1d3 points of Intelligence damage and lose any prepared spells you didn’t cast.

Hero’s Luck (1 PP): You gain a +4 luck bonus on a single skill check. You must use this award before you attempt the check in question.

Selling Friend (2 PP): Once when selling any item, you may do so through an NPC fence, increasing the sale price of the item by 10%. This has no effect on items normally sold at full value (such as gems and trade goods).

Donation (1 PP): Send one PP for 1d10 goods. Your hosting a great feast for people to attent. You only ask them to donate some of their money for the greater good (you).

Lore of Ages (1 PP): You may secure the assistance of a dedicated sage, librarian, or other knowledgeable individual, granting you a +5 bonus on any single Knowledge check after 1 hour of research. You make this Knowledge check as if you were trained in that skill.

Palm Greaser (title, 2 PP): In any settlement of at least 5,000 inhabitants, you may locate a corrupt official. If you’re imprisoned or fined for crimes committed in the settlement’s jurisdiction, you may take advantage of this contact. You pay no fines and escape sentencing if you can make a Diplomacy check (DC 15 for petty crimes, 20 for serious crimes, or 25 for capital crimes). You can use this ability once per game session. You may select this title once for each settlement in your Sphere of Influence; each time you select it, choose one settlement where you may use the award.

Planar Pact (5 PP): You gain the services of an imp, mephit, quasit, or similar extraplanar creature from the Improved Familiar list. You can choose a creature with an alignment up to 1 step away from yours on each alignment axis. The creature acts as your willing servant for a number of encounters equal to your Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma bonus (whichever is highest), but remains for no more than 24 hours. The creature is a called outsider and automatically returns to its home plane at the end of this service.

Scribe Scroll (1 PP): Transcribe a common spell (one listed in the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook, or any spell the GM feels is common in the world) from a Pathfinder lodge library into a wizard’s spellbook or alchemist’s formula book. This spell must be of a level the PC can cast and on that PC’s spell list. This benefit does not require a Spellcraft check or any additional transcribing costs.

Overseer (1 PP / day): You gain the services of a skilled and experienced builder / recruiter, who oversees the construction of an expansion to your House / Organization. You are free to spend the Downtime-days you’d normally have to invest to your liking.


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